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Q: What is Capstone Financial Services, LLC?
A: Capstone Financial Services, LLC is a resource available to injured workers to help with the financial burden which may occur between the time their case settles and the time it takes for the settlement check to arrive.

Q: What is the benefit to the Claimant's Attorney?
A: First and foremost, once the claimant contacts Capstone Financial Services, LLC, they will stop calling their attorney asking when their money will be in. Also, a claimant who has his/her money is a happy and grateful client who is more likely to return or refer others.

Q: What types of cases does Capstone Financial Services, LLC fund?
A: Capstone Financial Services, LLC focuses primarily on Post-Settlement funding of Lump Sum settlement Workers Compensation claims. The Past Due amount of claims that are resolved for Periodic Payments may also be advanced. On a case by case basis, funding of Workers Compensation claims on appeal and Personal Injury claims may also be considered.

Q: How does the Injured Worker get his/her money?
A: Once the case settles, the injured worker contacts Capstone Financial Services, LLC at 502-645-7662. Once the specifics of the case are obtained, documents are sent to the claimant outlining: 1) The terms of the Advance Payment, 2) A directive on how the funds are to be received, and 3) Instructions to their attorney as to how Capstone Financial Services, LLC is to be paid.

Q: How long does it take for the injured worker to receive his/her money?
A: Upon completion of the required paperwork, the claimant will receive his/her money within 24-48 hours.

Q: Is this a loan?
A: No, this is not a loan. Often it is referred to as litigation financing or attorney loans, but it is actually an advance on the value of the injured worker's case. Unlike a loan, if the settlement is not approved the injured worker owes nothing in return!

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