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Q: Is this expensive?
A: Even though we can offer the injured worker some of the lowest rates in the industry, Advance Payments are expensive when compared with many other forms of financing. Accordingly, we highly recommend that the injured worker first try less expensive resources such as banks, credit cards or family and friends before trying our service.

Q: Can Claimants receive money if they have already received money from another funding company?
Yes. They can receive up to the net amount due on their case, less any fees.

Q: How much money can a Claimant receive?
A: The amount a Claimant can be Advanced is determined by the net due and the particular facts of their case.

Q: Is this legal?
A: Advance Payments are perfectly legal. Since we take the risk of no recovery, courts have continuously upheld that Advance Payments are not loans and therefore are not subject to the parameters of loans. Capstone Financial Services, LLC does not ask for an assignment of benefits nor do we take a security interest in the injured worker's benefits.

Q: How does a Claimant get started?
A: Just click Contact Capstone or call us at 502-645-7662.

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